Videos 1,272 92G
Images 1,797,112 339G
Coverage 96.44% 46d 8m Missing
Summary 4 Years 1,294 Days


This is an interactive view of the timelapse videos that my Raspberry Pi made over 4 years! You can see the seasons change, length of daylight & darkness increase and decrease, and if you're lucky, a squirrel, bird, or even a lightning strike.

Tap one of the years above to start traveling through time!


One picture per minute produces 1440 (24 * 60) pictures per day when everything's running smoothly. Occasionally my house lost power or the server storing the images was restarted, resulting in coverage gaps. You can see the coverage and other stats aggregated for each year and month on the corresponding page. The month pages have links to the video for each day available.

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