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This is an interactive view of the timelapse videos that my Raspberry Pi has been making for over 3 years! A Raspberry Pi is a small modular computer; modular in the sense that you can attach different components to it like temperature sensors, motors, and cameras. I've had mine pointed at my backyard taking a picture every 60 seconds.

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How are the videos made?

One picture per minute produces 1440 (24 * 60) pictures per day when everything's running smoothly. Occasionally my house loses power or the server storing the images is restarted, meaning that there are holes in the data. The next day, a couple scripts are run. The first is day-night.py, a python program that uses a couple heuristics to determine where dawn and dusk are in the pictures. The pictures are then labelled "-day" or "-night" accordingly. It turns out that videos of darkness aren't very interesting, so this allows the next script to strip out most of the pre-dawn and post-dusk darkness from the video.

Next, another script aptly named video-maker.sh uses ffmpeg to stitch all the "-day" pictures together into a MP4 video, using 40 images per second of video (the frame rate). This means that days in the summer produce markedly longer videos than those from winter. From there, the new video is uploaded to the right place under public.anardil.net/timelapse/ for the world to enjoy.